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Resident Evil Escape

2007-11-05 10:57:06 by ScottishAdam

I would just like to thank everyone for the great feedback I have had with my game. Not only did it make front page, but even better than that the written reviews I have been getting are really really good. The vast majority of users have been very supportive to me.

I have also received some nice tips for upcoming games. I have replied to nearly all of your comments and questions. ANy questions about the game send me a PM and I will get back to you.

Anyway thanks again people, you make artists like me more motivational

Update July 18 2014 - I still love reading all your feedback. Always makes me smile lol. I have not touched flash for years now but I am getting the urge to get back into it. I am currently in australia on a working visa but have my laptop and am always interested in getting back to my flash making and drinking shitloads of alchohol and other chemical substances with my travelling companions. Take care brothers and sisters I will be back  ;)



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2007-12-16 12:20:01

When u made the game Resident Evil Escape , I was not able to beat the game. I need a walkthrough . Where is the walkthrough?

ScottishAdam responds:

There was a walkthrough someone made but the link is now broken. I asume you are stuck in the bathroom scene?


2008-02-10 12:44:28

You need to make part 2 of your Resident Evil Escape flash. I really enjoyed playing the first one. :)

ScottishAdam responds:



2008-03-04 18:43:58

make a pt.2!

ScottishAdam responds:

I really would love to


2008-03-30 23:27:44

dude resident evil escape is kinds pissing me off because how da hell do you make it through the 2nd hall in resident evil escape

ScottishAdam responds:

Have a closer look at the bath


2008-07-31 10:50:51

when are you gonna freaking make a part 2

ScottishAdam responds:

I really need to get into flash again. I have not touched it in years now but I am getting the urge to start again. CHeers


2008-10-02 00:02:06

dude you are the bomb. resident evil escape was awesome.

(Updated ) ScottishAdam responds:

Legend. I still appreciate your comments laddy. Hows life?


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2014-08-22 16:00:40

It's still a nice game. I remember it scared me alot when I first played it.